Hand-crafted, Quality Wooden Crucifixes

Crucifixes handmade with care, passion and attention to detail; we craft a range of crucifixes which offer you the quality you require at an affordable price.

The four-pointed Latin crucifix consists of an upright post (stipe) and a single crosspiece (patibulum) including titulus showing the letters INRI.

With a choice of three crucifix sizes, two wood types and corpus colours of bronze and silver, we make a complete range suitable for prayer, meditation and contemplation within your home, school, church or other place of worship.

Made ‘At the Bench’ Using the Highest Quality Timber

We use only the finest hand tools and the highest quality, sustainably-sourced wood, with all our products being handmade “at the bench”.

Working with natural materials requires a certain discipline with respect for both the tools and wood. There’s nothing mediocre about the wood we work with; each piece is different, with varying grains, giving you a completely unique end product.

Planing to perfection is a discipline we are very proud of. No piece leaves our workshop unless all the edges are checked for a smooth finish. Once satisfied, we then apply two coats of stain and two coats of beeswax. To complete, we polish to a very high finish.

The end product –we think is of heirloom quality!

A Workshop in the Heart of England, land of the Artisan

Working within beautiful Worcestershire surroundings certainly helps to inspire, but the real inspiration comes from working with other like-minded craftsmen who share the passion and traditional ethos of the artisan. We’ve adopted the techniques and methods developed by professional carpenters for centuries and incorporated them into our working practices.

The Latest Testimonial from our Stockists

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I was EXTREMELY impressed with the workmanship, they are beautiful pieces that you offer and we would very much like to offer the products on our website for sale in the UK and around the world.

  • Grahame Ball (Director)
  • North East Church Supplies